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Welcome to 2019. I have decided to scale the site down and focus exclusively on A&R and Artist Consulting for 2019 (which has always been the core of what I love). I have several new sites in the works that will feature artists and playlists, but Soundwerkz will be 100% focused on A&R and Artist Consulting. Industry friends please inquire with me under the artist that interests you.  As always, thanks and please check back often. 

Sincerely, Rob Gilmore, Esq 

CHRISTOPHER WILD (Rock). Check out the saturated tones and amazing vocals from this blues-driven rock artist. I am early in researching and reaching out to CSave workhris, but  I am absolutely SOLD on his voice, guitar work, and perhaps most importantly, his songwriting. There's serious potential here. Check out "Talk About Love" below.

I have been listening to all of Chris Wild's material (at least what's available) and I gotta say, this kid is an amazing talent! More updates to come. 

The Colored Parade (Alternative). Check out this really interesting dark track from singer/songwriter Andrew Adkins. This is strangely addictive in the mysteriously dark vibe.  

More music to come ... For any bands looking to be heard by some people who can actually make a difference. Send links to vids/music here.