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04/01/2016 - Soundwerkz is excited to announce a new relationship and connection with ListenHereReviews and Lauren Gribble. Lauren is a music journalist who shares our passion for discovering, sharing, and exposing the best in new music! LHR covers all genres of music and artists, and features news, album reviews, live show reviews, and much more. Check LHR out and spread the good word!

North Florida Musicians Union 444.




Companies, Friends, Producers, Managers, More

Deadfrog Records- A thriving indie label in Stockholm Sweden.

aXis Magazine- Entertainment/music magazine in Orlando, FL. To stay up on the latest in Orlando - be sure to check out / subscribe. - This is an old link, likely dead, need to check with McGathy Promotions and Tony Couch.

StarPolish.Com Check out what is perhaps the world's largest artist resource site. A must view and bookmark site. - Official Site of Multi-Platinum Producer John Kurzweg.

Floyd's Music Store - The Best "Live" Venue in Tallahassee. Props to John Robertson for fueling the Tallahassee music scene with support for national, regional and local acts. A top notch west-coast industry site for those looking to get exposure and possible licensing deals with TV & Film outlets.

Alvers Management & Promotions (AMP) - Management company owned by Matt Alvers. Current clients include Bonehead (Refuge/Columbia) and Vonra. .

SAC Audio Productions Orlando based company offering audio and video services to the industry.

AMPWIRE.COM Industry site based in Chicago

Tallahassee Underground - Local site featuring the reviews and more on what's happening in the Tallahassee rock scene.

SongAndFilm - A licensing company for film and television placement of music.