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ADRIENNE O Seven-piece alt-pop band with echoes of The Killers crossed with Duran Duran lead by vocalist (and vocal coach) Adrienne Osborn, who has been compared to Blondie and Natalie Merchant. Adrienne O delivers some infectious 80s inspired electronic pop with their latest video release "Catch Me." The current lineup consists of drummer David Amott, backup singer Jacob Warner (Princess), synth player Jake Harrison (lead piano and DAW instructor at School of Rock), synth player Bryan Stacks (Omniism, My Own Summer), bassist Tyler Morse (The Strawberry Runners), and founding member Justin Long (No Address).

Adrienne O recently released the first video "Catch Me" from their upcoming 3rd album release. Catch Me is garnering much deserved praise and expansive views in the few short weeks it has been out. I had the honor of an early preview of Adrienne O's latest album release and am working on a full review of the album. Please check back.

Upcoming shows include Coors Field at a Rockies game and Hard Rock Cafe. Adrienne O has previously been featured on KTCL 93.3 Locals Only, 107x Project Local, KCOL 94.9FM, The Colorado Sound, Channel 8 TV’s Denver Loft Sessions, Literati Records podcasts, Callywood Radio, multiple KGNU Innervision Top 30 Countdowns, and the 2013 Bolder Boulder Bootlegs Compace Disc. Expect even more airplay and exposure with the latest release. Support Adrienne O here.

Adriene O's new album is so very well written, performed, and produced. I have been listening to various synth-pop releases across a multitude of blogsites lately, and I have to say, after sampling what's out there - Adrienne O's music stands apart in the synth-pop renaissance. There are two stand out tracks - "Catch Me" and "Burn." All of the songs definitely pay homage to the 1980's. The quality and tone of Adrienne's vocals are apparent from the first verse. If you enjoy synthesizers (which I do, in equal measure), the multi-synth attack on this record is definitely a must listen. The songwriting is impressive showcasing well crafted lyrics, melodies, phrasing, and choruses of an obviously seasoned performer and writer. The bass guitar work and bass guitar sound is absolutely noteworthy, particularly on "Catch Me." In other songs, the bass is hot in the mix and creates a warmth that is somewhat unique from an audiofile perspective. The overall feel of the album is somewhat dark pop, but when mixed with the beats and melodies, the result is a nice balance.

This could easily be a major label release. It's professional on so many levels. The stand out songs deliver enough raw emotion to stick in people's hearts and carry the record through. If I were grading this record on a scale of 1 to 5, I would give it 4 stars. In some places, the emotion of the vocal is overshadowed slightly by the sheer number of instrumental voices happening. I would place this record above anything I've heard recently in the blogosphere of synth-pop and synth-rock. I know there is a crowd out there for every type and genre of music these days, but this album offers something for the masses as well as dedicated synth fans. My hat is off to JUSTIN LONG for producing and BOBBY SELVAGGIO for mixing such an aural landscape of sounds, instruments, and voices. I hear so many well-done demos, its nice to hear a finished product. Excellent album, show the love and SUPPORT ADRIENNE O HERE

Rob Gilmore,


1. Barcelona - is an upbeat electronic pop, with interesting percussion elements. Heavy on synth, the middle eight meandors a bit before the primary message returns, but I definitely give the arrangement points for artistic expression. What strikes me most are the drums and rhythmic elements.

2. Catch me - darker pop feel but moving to catchy phrasing and the hook of "catch me" in the chorus. All of the ingredients are here for acceptance at radio. In addition to the fat synths, I enjoyed the several spaceships landing during the mix. Catch Me is one of the two standout tracks on the record (to my ears), with a great chorus and lyrical story-telling. Justin Long did an absolute knock-out job on mixing. With the sheer number of instruments, voices, and ear candy, I don't know how Justin was able to get everything to "sit" in the mix. Hats off!.

3. Burn - The next stand out song on the record. Really nice ear candy in the beginning blending with a mid tempo groove and definitely calling to the 80's. The more I become familiar with Adrienne's voice, the more I can hear what a talent she is. I could be wrong, but it sounds like a classic 80's drum pad/sample is being used with the snare on this track, perhaps not, just sounds like it. The chorus is strong and vocals are spot on, and repetition is king for burning a chorus like this into your brain. All of the moving parts and ear candy make for great listening experience in headphones.

4. Awake - I enjoyed the interplay between vocals and drums in the pre-chorus. After "Catch Me" and "Burn" I find myself wanting to hear more urgency in this song, but you will be grooving along with the track.

5. So we Love - Synths building introduce vocals and melody that border on haunting, very cool. I am sure the song will touch many people. Verses are the coolest part of the song for me, that and the synth swirls in the middle 8 section, combined with the talk-over vocal elements (cool). The chord progressions are really interesting and arrangements well crafted!

6. Barcelona (Landlocked Remix) - Synths seem hotter, and vocals appear a bit hotter, big bass drum almost overdriving, but the vocals are more upfront here in this remix. Bottom sounds jacked for the dance floor, I do like the organic bass drum sounds, snare remains a bit distant (perhaps on purpose). Tasteful guitar work ... reminds me of David Gilmour in places. Sweet sounds to my ears. Another head-bopper for sure.

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HATFIELD MCCOY (Western Skies). I fell in love with this song two years ago. Such a cool vibe and great song! Check it out and show some love for the band.

BRING ME THE HORIZON (UK): Deathcore/Metalcore Band BRING ME THE HORIZON have won many awards and overcome a lot of hurdles in their 12+ year rise to their current breakout record "That's The Spirit" (RCA). This band is impressive for their work ethic (a lot of young bands could take some notes here). The latest album shows the band branching out from their previous heavier death/metalcore sound/style. "The Throne" is a mix of electronica keyboard driven rock and the slightly-varied style and sound is connecting with their fanbase in a huge way. BMTH continues to sellout shows and are blowing up YouTube (in addition to other media outlets). "The Throne" topped 32MM YT plays. To catch the band on tour in the states or learn more please visit their official site at:

NOISEHEADS: We've been following the Noiseheads since the earliest days of the band, and have featured them on several occasions. The Noiseheads are one of our favorite young hard-rock bands, and having watched them develop over the past few years, there is a "deep well" of talent here that deserves to be heard. The band is writing and recording new material and new videos as well (along with other projects). Word was some big producer was gonna be working with the band, but we aren't sure what happened there. We are looking for new music from Noiseheads soon though. Support the band at

CELL DWELLER (Track: Disposable War Pigs)

Disposable War Pigs is a bad ass track! A brilliant use of old-school metal samples, modern production techniques, and technology to create a driving, groove-laden, and listenable derivative work that is one of the coolest damn things I've heard in metal (or anywhere for that matter) in a long long while. Some hardcore metal purists will hate and despise this I know, but everyone else will agree - this track kicks ass! I love the hardcore electronica grooves in the 2nd part of the intro and the groove underlying the War Pigs verses, and the Metallica samples a bit later on - bad ass! Support This Artist:



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Greasy Slicks featured soundwerkz

THE GREASY SLICKS. Soundwerkz is excited to introduce The Greasy Slicks from the UK, and their latest release "Eyes Wide Black" We have always had a soft spot in our rock hearts for the brits, and the Slicks don't dissappoint. The track has an infectious lyrical phrasing and a deep groove, a sophisticated chorus, honest lyrics, and rock solid musicianship. I guaranty you will be rockin' to the Slicks. Learn more and support the band here.

The Greasy Slicks are Jack Kendrew on guitar and vocals, drummer and vocalist Rian O’Grady, and Nathan Rasdall on bass. Absorbing elements of grunge and blues as a means to establish their own prevailing style, the group claims to be contemporary blues-rock trio. Writing is a collaborative group where no sole contributor is the primary writer in the band. Each member devotes individual strengths to the collective procedure. With the bands second EP release ‘Fool Me Twice’ available on April 22, and will be releasing their debut album later this year, supported by UK & European shows. The Greasy Slicks have youth on their side and, in the age of throwaway bands. I can hear black keys, struts. For american industry friends looking for a solid UK band with the goods, I would recommend a hard look at The Greasy Slicks. There's such a positive vibe and you get the feeling these guys are on the verge of something great. Learn more and support the band here.

JOHN KURZWEG - "MONA LISA" - I am honored to feature John Kurzweg's Mona Lisa on Soundwerkz. The song has such incredible emotion and feeling. I believe strongly that "Mona Lisa" has the power to touch people on a deep level. I read a recent quote from a friend of John's on facebook I thought was very fitting ... "The thing about this guy is... look at him. He REALLY MEANS IT". Every so often, a song like this comes along that radiates emotion. When that happens, people need to hear the song. John is such a gifted songwriter, musician, vocalist, producer, and mixer - truly a rare talent and the perfect vessel to bring the world "Mona Lisa." John's the real deal. So close your eyes, clear your mind, put on your best headphones and listen closely. Visit John on Facebook and show some love. Help us spread the word. I will have more content on this feature in the coming days - check back soon. CLICK TO LISTEN TO "MONA LISA"

THE EAST VILLAGE VAMPIRE (Australia). From the land of Oz comes an incredibly talented and prolific songwriter and musician. With almost 3,000 followers on Soundcloud, TEVV has built a loyal fanbase. Crossing and blending genres with ease, TEVV produces reflective and such interesting compositions. Enjoy the psychedelic country of "Heading Out West" featured below (this is but a micro-sample of TEVV's body of work). Please Support The East Village Vampire on Soundcloud as you discover and enjoy some great new music.

OLD 97's "LONGER THAN YOU'VE BEEN ALIVE" - I decided to feature the Old 97s because I love these guys and this song is my fav 97s track, I find the lyric "but who really gives half a fuck anymore" telling on the decline of popularity of rock and roll as a genre. I do hope to catch the band on tour with Heartless Bastards soon.

eric durrance tobacco road band on soundwerkz

TOBACCO ROAD BAND is buildiing a buzz in North Florida with their latest single "BURN, BABY BURN." The song, mixed by Billy Decker (Sam Hunt), is destined to be a #1 hit at Country radio (in our humble opinion). Recently, the song caught the ear of Motocross/ESPN legend Ricky Carmichael. Word is that Ricky C. will be appearing in an upcoming video for "Burn, Baby Burn" to be shot on his ranch in South Georgia. With his social media followers and network television connections, this could be the start of something special for TRB. There are four additional songs being mixed at the moment. TRB is opening for Josh Turner April 1st at The Moon (Tallahasee).

Update July 2016: TRB releases new single "Wanna Hear Some Steel" - video coming soon to a Youtube near you. Search it out and don't miss the new track. The band also picked up booking agency, look for tour dates to expand!

DECLAN MCKENNA (Song: PARACETAMOL). This 17 year old british singer/songwriter, musician, and overall wonder child is awash in the buzz of winning the Glastonbury Festival's "Emerging Talent" competition last year. Since then, word is over 200 labels tried to sign him. He signed a management deal with 13 (Foals) and signed with Columbia Records. His first single "Brazil" reached number 1 on the Alt 18 Countdown for January 2016 on XM's Alt Nation and stayed there for three weeks.Check out the latest for a taste of what Columbia believes to be the future of Alternative Rock, the track "paracetamol" is pretty cool in a alt.synth rock sort of way, but in other ways the song is underwhelming (perhaps on purpose). For such a young artist, Declan is teed up to explode. We say spread the love for this new talented artist!

SIXX A.M. Nikii Sixx and the boys recently dropped Vol 1 of the double-album "Prayers for the Damned". The single (and title track) are available now for download and streaming on Check it out and support the hard rock heros! The album and the good work Nikki Sixx is carrying on is pretty incredible!

Janani Feature on Soundwerkz

JANANI "Run, Run, Pick Up The Gun"). Janani claims to be an alternative rock band from Orlando, Florida, but their sound borders on modern Country or Americana (whatever that is). Regardless the melodic hook and voice of Janani on "Run, Run, Pick up the Gun" is undeniable. The Members are Janani Vaidyanathan, Erick Campos and Austin Crabbendam. Formed by Janani Vaidyanathan and Erick Campos in January of 2011. I really dig Janani's sultry female voice and the bluesy nature of this track, not to mention the melodic hook (did I mention that?). Great song - I am still singing the chorus in my head. An artist to keep an eye and ear on (we will).

Rob's theory on the soul of a song - I often refer to that feeling certain songs and performances give me as "soul", even though I fear most people misunderstand my use of the term soul - they take it too narrowly, or as a simple definition of a genre or style of music, or its sends their mind down a narrow limited path of trying to classify a genre or a particular sound or pigeonhole a sound, etc. For me, the word "soul" is much much deeper and so difficult to explain, but its the most succinct word in my vocabulary (yet at least) to explain the othewise unexplainable magic in and of music. Perhaps "spirit force" or "karma force" would be better terms, but for me, I use the word "soul." Soul can exist in any genre of music, and withn each genre soul can transmit in a different manner. But its the same unifying spirit and force in all music. Now, admittedly, some songs have weaker soul than others, and for some, the soul only manifests itself to certain people and not others. Soul is tricky like that. But every now and again, a song comes along with undeniable soul that radiates and impacts anyone who hears it.

I believe that speaks to the true essence of a great song. They have a soul and existence apart from but yet connected to the writer/performer in some strange way. It is "the how" and "the why" music transcends languages and cultures, moves millions. It is why I started and continue to put soundwerkz out - because of songs like this. It's magic, its karma, its the reason for the chills down your spine, its a spirit that comes out of the speakers to exist for a few minutes to take you away to a different place. The chills you feel down your spine is the physical manifestation of the soul of a song reaching out and touching your spirit.

April 9, 2016 - Spent the morning updating the site, correcting some spelling errors, and jamming out to Vukovi's new single "Animal" - what a great song and what an incredible young band. Here is a band who have been honing their sound and their craft for 6 years, and who recently (last night) opened for "Nothing But Thieves" at a huge arena in Glasgow, Scotland, only nobody here in the states (save perhaps a few blogs) have ever heard of the band. That amazes me. The quality and level of talent out there that goes unnoticed is enormous. True, it is very difficult to separate what will connect with the hearts of the masses, but I am glad to see band's like Vukovi getting the exposure they deserve.

April 5, 2016 - Well we've been around the net a few times with the A&R Aggregator and see how firmly people are embracing 80's synth pop and rock of all types and styles. I guess it was inevitable that something had to move the needle and it's the right time in the 30 year cycle for 80's synth to come around. I'm guessing satanic hard rock will be next on the agenda, perhaps there's a young Ozzy out there honing his/her trade for 5-6 years from now? Regardless the ultimate formula is the same - write a great song, go out and perform it, get the word out. I hope Soundwerkz can introduce and bring the world some great new artists and new music in the coming years.

March 28, 2016 - Soundwerkz has been active for 17 or 18 years now, and throughout our history we have remained a steadfast champion for new artists and their music to the music and film industry. We are part music E-Zine, Blog, A&R Report, and Advice and Consulting Resource for new artists and others in the music industry. I know the site doesn't have a slick corporate feel (I never want that), but the goods and the music are here and I am proud of that. I feel like 2016 will offer a number of opportunities to expand the website's presence in different areas of the industry, and expand exposure for artists appearing on the website. My gut tells me there will be some great things happening this year for new artists.

Thanks for visiting the website, please help us through "word of mouth" and any shares across social media. Check back often - any and all support for soundwerkz (and the idea of the site) is much appreciated. Sincerely, Robert A. Gilmore, Esq., Founder, Soundwerkz Entertainment/Soundwerkzdotcom

THE BASTARDS OF DISASTER: I had the chance to see one of my all-time favorite bands in New Orleans this past September - one last time to pledge allegiance to the Crue. And I did just that! The show as incredible! I am stoked I was able to celebrate the Crue and Alice Cooper on the same night! The show KICKED ASS! Sad to see the Crue go. It will be hard for any band to top them on entertainment value. To my eyes (and for my dollar) - younger bands could take a few lessons and perhaps rock might not be so damn visually boring.

CHRIS STAPLETON. Back in September 2015 we reviewed Chris Stapleton's new album "Traveler" (Mercury Records). The record went on to sweep all kind of awards and grammys.

PRIOR REVIEW (Sept. 2015): Stapleton has an amazing voice and a tone not unlike Ray Charles at times. As a successful songwriter, he's remained behind the scenes and Mercury is betting on this release to break out and bank. Whether or not his rocket will launch or simply smoke on the pad like other great Nashville songwriters is yet to be seen. "Might as well get Stoned" is getting regular rotation on "Outlaw County" XM Radio, and I am digging the deeper album tracks as well. I am a fan, and I will be listening to Stapleton past, present, and future. If you are a fan of quality songwriting, you will like Chris Stapleton.

LUXURY DEATH (Manchester, UK) releases new single "RADIATOR FACE" on Slime Punk Records. I find myself really digging this indie analog rock vibe, its cool in a mid-80's almost dirty blondie sort of way, with some slightly strange dark undertones and vocal hooks. Luxury Death is Ben Thompson (Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Drums) and Meg Williams (Keys, Vocals, Percussion) - “Radiator Face” was recorded, produced, mixed by Luke Rowland, mastered by Dan E Brown). Learn more and support the group at

WAX IDOLS (Oakland, CA). "American Tragic" is the third album by Wax Idols. There's something dark and primal here that touched me as I listened on a Sunday morning. The warmth mixed with melancholy was oddly fresh and enticing and, well, very listenable. The sound reminds me a bit of the alternative pop that was all over college radio in the mid 80's. The Wax Idols appear darker and deeper, almost like meditation with tempo. Find out more about and support the group at FB/WaxIdols.

ALT-J ("My Left Hand's Free") Of all the latest synth-pop-rock-alt-whatever material flooding digital media, "My Left Hand's Free" has an undeniable contagious hook and I liked it so much I was moved to share the track.

Ride the Light Dopesick

July 2016 - SELVES (Philadelphia, PA). Soundwerkz sayz - we likes it, we features it, we does. From the artist's website: "Selves is the new project from Philadelphia based singer-songwriter Geron Hoy. SELVES debut was recorded in the winter of 2015 in a secluded studio in the pine forests of upstate New York with U.K. producer Dave Thomas Junior. Combining American roots rock with a very British Indie sensibility, SELVES is a true passion project for both creators. Geron’s previous two albums came out to critical acclaim in 2012 and 2013 with stand-out track Jar currently approaching 7 million plays on Spotify. In addition, his track Lady Crow won the Grammy Association’s Pitchathon event yielding a front page story on" Learn more and support Geron Hoy at

Episode and Swim Featured on

EPISODE Episode's song "SWIM" is infectious and grooving its way into the ears of trendsetting fans across the blogosphere. Episode recently set out on their first college tour supporting their EP “Late Night Episode” released two months ago. Check out "SWIM" and contact management: Julian Swirsky


JOSH FIX - We have searched high and low across the net for Josh Fix, hoping to hear he has produced more music and to find out what he is up to. Josh is an incredible talent and multi-instrumentalist from South Africa. His debut EP "Free at Last" was and remains off the frickin' hook!!! Included on the EP was the track "Jethro" (featured below). If anyone knows where Josh Fix might be hiding, please email us and let us know. We pray he is still with us. In the interim enjoy "Jethro" - an all time favorite for Soundwerkz.

ANNA OF THE NORTH Anna of the North was among the most talked about new artists and songs in the Blog'oshpere as recently as one week ago. I like the song even if the style of music is not my brand of coffee, the song is catchy in a haunting low temp kind of way. This is pure female pop. We can hear young girls around the world adopting Anna of the North as their own. Check out "Baby" below.

SOUTHERN HALO Southern Halo is a teenage modern country rock band composed of sisters Natalia, Christina and Hannah Morris. Natalia (18 years old) Guitarist and Lead Vocals; Christina (16 years old), Drums; and Hannah (15 years old), Bass Guitar. A DIY group, the band from Mississippi is fast building their fan base, having played Atlanta, Georgia to San Diego, California and across the Mississippi Delta to the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. Opening for Craig Campbell, Jamie Lynn Spears, Parmalee, Uncle Kracker and Randy Houser. If I were an A&R person in Nasvhille, Southern Halo is an absolute "no brainer" with a built in image, crowd, and youth on their side. Listen and learn more on Facebook/Southern Halo.

JEAN POOL (New Jersey)/ We ran across these guys in our galactic journey across the net, and just dig the cool sounds on vocal and the overall controlled chaos of the guitars and groove of their song "Fluffy" The song offers glimpses of genious (the guitar work is superb!). Definitely a band to check out and keep your ears on. Some offer Jean Pool is somewhere in the neighborhood of Modest Mouse, Weezer, maybe Arctic Monkeys. Dig the single "Fluffy" and show the band some love on

NEW YORK DOLLS (1973) Left to right: Johnny Thunders, Sylvain Sylvain, Jerry Nolan, Arthur Kane, David Johansen.NEW YORK DOLLS (WIKIPEDIA)

(09-25-2015) The New York Dolls (Reminder to Remember). The New York Dolls were a huge influence on so many artists, and are often credited as the precursor to the punk-rock movement of the 70's. The band never achieved commercial success, but their influence on rock and roll is firmly planted in the history of rock and roll. I thought it would be nice to post something on the band (a reminder to remember if you will). So, if you don't know anything about the band, or never heard of them, take a moment and read-up on the band at wikidedia or do some youtube research.

Note: The New York Dolls were also major influence on Nikki Sixx and the Crue, among many others. Joan Jett covered "Personality Crisis" from the bands first of only two full length album releases on Mercury Records in 1973-1974, before the band imploded.

We need a southern rock band with explosive songs and hooks to feature in this spot ... just hoping I guess. Ok, no southern rock ... oh well, maybe next month something will pop up. There's A Thousand Horses and all nominated for best new band on CMA (Big Machine Records band) and they blur the line of new country vs. country rock vs. southern rock, but no new unsigned southern rock acts that we are aware. If you hear something great, send us a tip! We would love to feature some southern rock.